Our Services

Pointe Engineering provides geotechnical consultancy and management services. We pride ourselves on providing a service that exceeds requirements by being efficient during investigations, bringing practicality and safety with design and providing timely support during construction

Specifically, we provide:

  • Geotechnical investigation services

    • Site classification

    • Hazard assessment

    • Landslide/slope stability risk assessment

    • Soil sampling and testing

    • On site sewage soil and site assessments

  • Project management services

    • Scoping

    • Assistance with tenders

    • Planning, monitoring and control

  • Geotechnical design

    • Temporary works

    • Slope stabilisation

    • Retaining Structure - gravity, anchored, cantilevered and/or reinforced soil

    • Pavement

    • Specification advice (materials, ground improvement)

  • Geotechnical construction support

    • Instrumentation and monitoring (piezometers, slope inclinometers, vibration)

    • Site inspection for construction of earthworks, embankments, slopes or excavations